Collage Rehabilitation Partners Adds Home & Community Rehabilitation Services In Colorado

Why Choose Us--outcomes for clients

Why Choose Us

We tackle the most difficult cases head-on and never shy away from a challenge. Our commitment to partnership is the driving force behind our longstanding relationships with our referral sources and payors—delivering financial results and unmatched satisfaction.

Our founders were pioneers in the post-acute brain injury rehabilitation industry, and every day, our leaders build on that legacy. From our clinical leaders’ active engagement with our therapists and direct care staff to our founding role in the Foundation to Advance Brain Rehabilitation (, Collage works to move the field of neurorehabilitation forward.

Treatment teams with years of experience and a passion for advancing treatment puts Collage Rehabilitation Partners at the forefront of our industry, resulting in high levels of satisfaction from clients, physicians and payors. We thrive on partnering with our stakeholders which is a critical element to setting successful treatment goals and creating lasting outcomes.