Collage Rehabilitation Partners Adds Home & Community Rehabilitation Services In Colorado

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Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation

Inventive, agile solutions for complex problems.

Our highly specialized residential neurobehavioral programs address the most challenging behaviors that prevent clients from moving forward in their rehabilitation. We go beyond managing maladaptive behaviors and uncover the underlying issues that are the cause, working toward behavioral and medical stability, cognitive enhancement and a path to move life forward. We thrive on finding solutions for the complex challenges of neurobehavioral issues. Our Behavior Analysts work with our medical directors, neuro-psychiatrists, therapists and brain injury specialists to establish a vision for success for the client.

We create a consistent, highly individualized treatment plan that offers a clear route to recovery. This plan takes into account:

  • Frequency and intensity of behaviors
  • Medication trials
  • Treatment setting
  • Duration of treatment
  • Behavior as a form of communication
  • Verbal and physical aggression
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Pain

Data collection allows us to implement changes in behavioral programming and medication management that allows the client to make progress quickly, and deliver clinical results that are rewarding to the client and family and are financially efficient.

Our five Neurobehavioral Programs, are strategically placed throughout the country, to allow regional access and then a transition closer to home as behaviors resolve.

Below is a map of our locations, with locations that offer neurobehavioral services marked in dark blue.