Moving Lives Forward
One Day, One Step, One Person at a Time

At Collage Rehabilitation Partners, we are moving lives forward one step, one day, and one person at a time. Our national continuum, one of the largest in the country, is creative, inventive, and thrives on finding solutions for the complex challenges we face every day.

We are the recognized experts for treating highly complex, post-acute neurorehabilitation and neurobehavioral cases. We believe in data-driven programming that designs effective and actionable treatment plans, tracks progress, and delivers clinical results for the people we serve and their stakeholders.

Our continuum of care is accessible and meets the individual where they are in their recovery. With locations in 12 states across the country, there are multiple options for clients to move through our continuum of care from one program to another, both within and across states, in a highly efficient manner. Our highly specialized residential neurobehavioral programs address the most challenging behaviors that prevent clients from engaging in the recovery process. These five programs are strategically placed throughout the country, allowing regional access and a transition closer to home as behaviors resolve.