Supported Living


Supported Living

We see people beyond their injury and help them move forward and discover meaningful lives.

Brain injuries can be complex and challenging, both at the outset of the injury and over time. Our Supported Living Services are designed with maintaining health and medical and behavioral stability at the forefront of every treatment plan.

We are continually evaluating what works and what may need to be reworked to keep our clients healthy, and engaged in community vocational and avocational activities. Our Supported Living Programs closely monitor our clients through:


  • Early intervention protocols, which lessen the likelihood of hospitalization
  • Wellness programs to stay healthy and remain active
  • Vocational/avocational activities to stay engaged and maintain/improve level of cognitive function and mood


We treat our clients with empathy and respect, helping them discover rich and meaningful lives after injury. Our residential Supported Living sites provide varying levels of rehabilitation and clinical support in safe and comfortable home-like environments. Our Supported Living Services include:


  • Community Residential Programs
  • Neurobehavioral Supported Living
  • Medical Supported Living


Supported Living Services are appropriate when:


  • Current services no longer match the clinical needs of the client
  • Dynamics in the home change or become a burden and are beyond the capacity of the family or caregiver
  • Persisting medical issues that require ongoing clinical and therapeutic intervention arise
  • Behavioral issues begin to develop or interfere with relationships or current treatment


Our clients are more than just their injury. We are here to help them take control of the rest of their story.


For a comprehensive Scope of Services, please click on the link below:

Scope of Services –  Supported Living programs