Rebuilding Broken Lives

Brain injuries can bring about significant changes that can be difficult to deal with on a number of levels. Whether these changes are immediate or gradually worsen over time, they create a sense of loss for individuals that can lead to behavioral and emotional changes, in addition to physical and cognitive impairments. When these injuries […]

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When A Case Slips Through the Cracks

“Have you had individuals that are admitted to an inpatient facility 5-6 months post injury? I just took on a brain injury case that has slipped through cracks – he is refusing to go to outpatient therapy, is very irritable and is becoming aggressive.” Calls like this come in regularly from case managers who don’t […]

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Increasing Insight and Awareness in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Ask any professional who works in brain injury rehabilitation what the number one barrier to successful rehab is, and most likely you will get the same answer — lack of awareness or insight into deficits (anosognosia). The oil roughneck who sustained a brain injury from a fall who now has hemiparesis and sight in only […]

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