Collage Rehabilitation Partners Adds Home & Community Rehabilitation Services In Colorado

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Pushing the envelope on post-acute solutions.

Post-acute neurorehabilitation isn’t just about diagnosis, it’s about intentional treatment design that can efficiently and effectively restore maximum function and decrease the likelihood of long-term complications. Access to a post-acute continuum of care can significantly impact long-term success and reduce life-long costs for someone with a brain injury. We thrive on creating solutions for complex cases with the goal of discharge.

Delivering results

Our active neurorehabilitation programs are a key step toward improved physical and cognitive function—moving clients beyond their challenges and back to home and a productive life is our goal.

Our treatment teams work closely with our medical directors to set a clear path to discharge. Active engagement of the injured person toward awareness and medical and cognitive stability is critical to success. We prioritize functional independence and community integration through therapeutic and clinical interventions that focus on:

  • Medical stability
  • Increased awareness and self-reliance
  • Compensatory strategies
  • Development of transferrable skills from our program to the real world
  • Identification of structures and supports for successful discharge, including self-monitoring, self-regulation and the development of a daily rhythm and stable activity pattern.