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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For the most updated information on our Family Visitation Guidelines for Residential Programs click on the link below:

Visitation Guidelines Effective  10 17 22

The information below answers some of the questions we frequently hear from referral sources, case managers, potential clients and their families.

Why choose Collage Rehabilitation Partners?

Since 1984, Collage Rehabilitation Partners has provided comprehensive post-acute rehabilitation and supported living in residential and non-residential settings. These settings differ in size, intensity and staffing, based upon the specific needs who we serve. Our treatment teams have years of experience and are dedicated to providing specialized treatment that will result in a positive outcome.

Why do people travel from far away to participate in Collage’s rehabilitation programs?

Appropriate post-acute rehabilitation requires resources that offer expert treatment, regardless of where the services are located. Our specialized programs allow regional access and a transition closer to home when goals are met. People we have served have been reluctant to travel from home, but once they get to us they realize that the opportunity to participate in a premier program is a short-term sacrifice for a long-term, successful outcome.

What does a client’s day in your programs look like?

Our clients hit the ground running on the day of admission and our teams keep them motivated to work hard toward getting back home. Each client’s injury is unique and has different goals so there is no “typical” day at our programs. Weekdays have a mixture of structured therapy, group programming and other interventions, appointments and activities that occur from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. Our treatment plans are designed to actively engage the client and move them beyond their challenges and back to a productive life.

Who will provide the family with updates? How often?

Your case manager, assigned to you at admission, will be the key point of contact for your family. Regular meetings will be held with your treatment team, insurance representatives and family and informal updates can be regularly scheduled with your family and insurance representatives as needed.

Will I have a doctor?

Each program has a Medical Director (as well as other consulting physicians) who understands neurologic injury, works closely with the client and works as part of the treatment team to move the client forward.

Do you provide programs for individuals who had been doing well for a number of years but experience changes in behavior, diminished cognitive ability or physical changes?

We provide Evaluations as well as Supported Living Services for individuals at any phase of a brain injury. Individuals with a brain injury will age more quickly, which is why you may observe subtle or sudden changes. As these changes occur, it is important that they are reported to make sure they are treated in an appropriate and timely manner.


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